A uniquely sublime experience

It’s a coffee created and developed to satisfy even the most discerning of palates and delight anyone seeking to indulge their senses and discover aromas and flavours as yet unexplored.

Experience its variety of aromas, including cinnamon, walnuts, bergamot, ginger, blackcurrant, ripe mango and tangerine. Discover the flavours of papaya, guava and a wide range of floral scents and nutty aromas that mingle into a harmonious blend.


Salzillo Nº5: an exquisite coffee. A unique coffee

Geisha, the world’s finest coffee bean, is the essence of Salzillo Nº5. This is combined with four exclusive Arabica varieties, including Mocha, Hawaiian and Antilles blended in precise proportions and slow roasted using traditional methods to shape the structure of this very special blend.

A landmark in the world of aromas and flavours

The result of years of research culminating in a completely novel taste and a sensual pleasure unlike any other. Salzillo Nº5 is a blend of varieties from the five finest coffee estates in the world that had never been combined before, until now.

A magical coffee with a lingering delicious aftertaste

We have developed two versions of Salzillo Nº5: Premium and Limited Edition. In both versions the Geisha variety infuses your cup entirely with its aroma. This blend is presented in an exclusively designed glass bottle in two sizes: 150 g. and 600 g.